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This book will tell the story of who I was, how I sustained a serious brain injury, and my successful recovery process: Lights, Coma, Action!

On the one year anniversary of my traumatic brain injury, I was compelled to share my recovery with others. I first set out to write about my experience with a blog: “Adventures in Brain Injury.” I hoped that by sharing my story, I could better inform friends and family about my progress, hardships, and changing condition. Following that first post was a profound discovery of meticulous self-study. I had tapped into a powerful and important interface that began to inform hundreds of other survivors and their families. As I continued to write about the prior year’s events, I soon had over 60,000 words and an international audience.

Inspired by my story and aided by my experience, my growing audience encouraged me to catalog every detail of my recovery progress. “Lights, Coma, Action!” is the complete story of the year that followed my traumatic brain injury. As my recovery progressed, my friends began to call me “Mr. Bounce” (because I seemed to “bounce right back!”). The reality is that I did not bounce at all. Recovery from a brain injury is a haul, not a bounce. It is a haul for everyone involved.

At first, I thought that this blog was going to be my book, but I began to realize that it was not. The Cavin Bounce blog serves a pre-draft of my book. It tells a dual narrative of my story, but also exposed my mental state while writing each piece. I’ve used the record of this blog in order to write my book. The first chapter is available for download and the book will be available by October 2016 at the very latest. In the meantime, I aim to do more than just spread awareness about TBI. I now work to provide real tools in order to help other survivors, their friends, and their families. This has become more than just my adventures in brain injury. This has become a march to improve neurorehabilitation, and you are a part of it.

Blank Pop LCA Shorter Red Preview The First Chapter of "Lights, Coma, Action!"


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